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With the future of healthy seas and oceans at risk, Sunseeker has set out to launch its first campaign, Project Menorca which will focus on the Balearic island’s marine environment in cooperation with charity partner The Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE).

Menorca was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993, however, the island still faces increased pressure from unregulated fishing, tourism and pollution, while the current marine protection scheme is proving ineffective.

Working closely with BLUE, a UK-based charity dedicated to creating marine reserves, the new partnership will establish a recognized model of conservation supported by local partners on the island, including the Menorca Preservation Fund.

Project Menorca will support local fisheries in creating a model of sustainable fishing, establish a network of ‘eco-moorings’ to preserve seagrass beds, protect marine reserves by removing plastics and ‘ghost’ fishing nets, distribute recyclable bags across the island and recruit on-water rangers for various marine monitoring programs.

Watch a short video about the Project Menorca initiative:

According to Sunseeker, the challenge presents an ideal opportunity to make a tangible difference in protecting Menorca’s marine environment and the builder aims to take the program worldwide. Boaters of any brand are encouraged to learn more about the project by visiting, where a donation link can be found.

Sunseeker will also be supporting BLUE’s virtual Blue Marine Yacht Club (BMYC). Launched in 2012 by His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco, the BYMC was formed to unite the global yachting community in a clear mission to protect our oceans.

Sunseeker fully endorses the BMYC and offers three levels of membership with all revenue raised going directly to supporting BLUE’s work in Menorca. Dependent on the membership level, donors will be given the unique opportunity of having a guided tour of the Menorca project firsthand or at the highest level, naming rights to this or other projects.

BMYC has also developed its own eight-point ‘Charter’ which makes simple observations about how to reduce the impact of boating with very little effort while supporting biodiversity and its sustainability. The code of conduct, which is promoted by Sunseeker, includes information on topics such as reducing damage from anchoring and mooring, stopping marine pollution, the recognition of protected areas, as well as diving and snorkeling best practice.


"We are passionate about the marine environment worldwide," said Phil Popham, CEO of Sunseeker International. "We strive to be global leaders in all that we do and it’s important to us that we also do our part to help protect one of our most valuable resources, so that we and future generations can all continue to enjoy our precious time on the water. Our partnership with BLUE provides this focus and will lead to other projects worldwide.

“We recognize that there has been a real awakening in the leisure marine industry to be even more responsible and we have been at the forefront of this by encouraging everyone to make a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of our seas. By utilizing the generosity and very unique qualities of the entire leisure marine industry including yacht owners from all brands, our dealers, suppliers and employees, we will be able to help reverse this dramatic decline.”

“Sunseeker’s inspirational and generous support will enable BLUE to enhance existing marine protection and establish new marine reserves around Menorca," said Clare Brook, CEO of Blue Marine Foundation. "Menorca’s waters are home to rare grouper, sharks, dolphins, whales, octopus and lobster. Tuna migrate to the area to reproduce and coastal seagrass beds shelter juvenile fish. These marine meadows also trap 35 times more carbon than terrestrial forests. We hope that, through this partnership, Sunseeker and its supporters will be able to enjoy its unspoiled beauty for centuries to come.”

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