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Most owners of medium to large boats or yachts dream of investing in a second home or a retirement property somewhere by the sea, where they can cruise or fish in beautiful waters unfamiliar to them and take maximum advantage of their vessel ownership. But when researching your options for such a purchase, you can quickly become mired in myriad questions: Should we invest domestically or abroad? Atlantic, Pacific, Caribbean, or Mediterranean? What about security and ease of ingress/egress? And of course, where would it be wisest to invest hard-earned capital from a financial standpoint?

These are all solid and admittedly perplexing questions, but ones you must deal with to ensure you make the right choice for you and your family if and when you choose to invest somewhere. So let’s look into these options and attempt to break them down into manageable groups, thereby focusing in on what may be the perfect option for you and yours. Read "Real Estate Investment for the Yachting Life." 

Real Estate Investment for the Yachting Life

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