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Over the Waves and Under

Whether you want to cruise over the water from yacht to shore or explore the ecosystems hidden deep under the waves, this issue has something for you.

U-Boat Worx’ Subsea Limousine

The ability to explore not only the ports your yacht can take you to, but the world underneath your ship as well is increasingly important. Most submersibles only carry two to three passengers, but U-Boat Worx has developed a five-passenger (four plus pilot) sub they’re calling the first subsea limousine. Netherlands-based U-Boat Worx’ C-Explorer 5 has a depth rating up to 656 feet (200 meters), with a maximum of 984 feet (300 meters) upon request, and classification under Germanischer Lloyd. The 360-degree, acrylic pressure hull allows for panoramic underwater views and up to 16 hours of operating time on high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. Additional upgradable features include external manipulator arm, imaging sonar, LED lights, an HD video camera, and a tethered remote-operated vehicle for venturing into smaller areas.


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Vanquish Boats

Headquartered in Newport, Rhode Island, Vanquish Boats has placed itself at one of the U.S. yachting hubs, a nice fit for a company focused on semi-custom tenders for the large yacht market. Semi-custom can mean a lot of things depending on the builder. Vanquish goes back to the beginning of the construction process, installing additional support directly into the hull laminate to support tow bars and lifting eyes as opposed to layering it in as an afterthought.


“When a tender is ordered, we just send laminate schedule B down on the production order and the lamination foreman knows what additional reinforcements need to be integrated in to that hull,” says company president Morgan Huntley.

Elegant design, comfortable seating for 10, and a long list of standard options and custom modifications allow the craftsmen at Vanquish boats to build a hull that suits most tastes.

Vanquish’s construction methods lead to a finished wet weight of less than 5000 pounds, able to be picked up by most davits. Additionally, naval architect Doug Zurn’s trademark inboard prop pocket design results in a 19-inch draft that can carry passengers into most coves, bays and beaches. Mounting the engine amidships adds stability to the ride and improved tracking according to the company. The boat is also available with jet propulsion and an integrated Jetdrive and JetMaster joystick.

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