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Mobile CEO joins SeaKeepers

A worthy cause for the journey


One of the International SeaKeepers Society’s newest supporters is California CEO Scott Leonard. The Leonard family—Scott, Mandi and three boys, ages 4 to 10—is embarking on a great adventure in June aboard their newly acquired 50' Lagoon catamaran. The family’s goal is to sell their sprawling California home and most of its contents, move onto the boat and sail around the world for three years. Leonard, who is a founding partner and financial strategist for Trovena LLC, a financial services firm, is not planning to take a sabbatical. Quite the opposite, actually. One of his goals in taking this journey is to prove that, with today’s technology, it is possible for excutives to be active in business and live their dream. He’s made it his mission to spread the word, has embraced the public persona of “The Mobile CEO” and even created a Facebook page and blogs to document the journey.

The Leonards, who both are sailors and certified divers, are concerned about the deteriorating health of the oceans. When they heard about SeaKeepers’ goals to provide the scientific community with free oceanographic and atmospheric data that may help curb the downward trend—or at least help understand the factors behind noticeable changes—they decided they had found a suitable philanthropic cause to support on their adventure. In Miami to promote and organize their upcoming trip, they also attended a SeaKeepers event aboard the Golden Shadow with other high-profile guests, including scientists and CBS commentator Mo Rocca.

Part of the so-called “Golden Fleet,” the shadow vessel supports research for the Oceans Living Foundation and helps collect data for the scientific community at large, something the Leonards also hope to be able to do during their journey.

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