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Innovation & Design: U-010 Undersea Yacht


Marina Colombo and Sebastiano Vida came up with the U-010, a 218' submarine/luxury yacht. This “undersea yacht” is not just a concept, and the two young designers had to resolve complex engineering challenges to meet ABS and A1 Manned Submersible’s requirements. The “yacht” has a double-skinned hull with a high-modulus steel outer shell lined with an inner aluminum layer.
U-010 is a submarine and yacht wrapped into one original design. With two 800-hp electric motors, the vessel moves under water at 10 knots and dives to a maximum depth of 190' to 200'. When it re-emerges, the craft’s two 1,800-hp diesel engines take over for surface cruising. The U-010 boasts comfortable interiors with astonishing underwater and sea-surface views through round windows. With large living spaces (about 7,530 square feet) and three decks, the yacht offers ample space for the owner’s suite plus four guest cabins, a fully equipped spa center, an open-air deck and a pressured chamber housing a mini-submarine for deeper undersea exploration.

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