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Innovation & Design: Exploring Inner Space

Triton 36,000


Companies are planning commercial flights to the inner edge of outer space, but it has been more than 50 years since a human has dared to explore some of the earth’s deepest recesses. Triton Submarine is going to change that. With the launching of its 36,000 submersible, Triton enters The Race to Inner Space. Triton’s goal is to help oceanographers get critical data on little-studied species and ecosystems and lift the veil of mystery that has shrouded this little-explored part of the planet.

Rayotek Scientific designed and built the borosilicate-glass dome that allows three passengers to fully immerse in the experience. Touch-screen panels encompass all controls, including temperature and pressurization. The 36,000 is capable of descending 500 feet per minute, which means it takes about 75 minutes to reach the depths. Triton already plans to offer the 36,000 for commercial use.

“Being able to go to the deepest spot in the ocean in little more than an hour is going to revolutionize our relationship with the deep ocean. We’re opening the door to unlimited possibilities of exploration, science and wonder that anyone can experience,” said Triton Subs CEO L. Bruce Jones.

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Length: 14'9"
Width: 9'9"
Height: 8'8"
Weight: 24,250 lbs.
Glass Pressure Hull internal diameter: 70.9" (5’11”)
Glass Pressure Hull external diameter: 78.8" (6'7")
Depth: 36,000'
Passengers: 3
Controls: PLC-based control and monitoring with touch-screen interface
LIFE SUPPORT: Full Emergency Kit. Fully Jettisonable Personnel Sphere. 96 hours of atmospheric air