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Fraser Yachts Introduces Diamond Collection

A membership must

Hoteliers vie for the privilege of a five star rating, travelers carry a Platinum Express and Fraser Yachts Worldwide now gives charter yachts the chance to claim a diamond.

This innovative program will help distinguish yachts in their fleet. To become a member, your yacht and crew must meet a number of stringent standards and training requirements, but the rating could potentially add value to your yacht by making it more attractive to charter guests. Diamond Collection yachts will be those with only the most exceptional levels of service. In fact, it is believed that this could help the suffering charter industry.

“We do not believe in slashing the rates of our charter yachts; (rather) our approach focuses on adding value for both the yacht owner and the charterers on board: an excellent charter experience is worth far more than a discount off a charter rate,” Fraser Yachts CEO Hein Velema says.

Triple S Consultancy will provide specialized training. In addition, information will be collected at the end of a charter and the company will conduct independent annual audits to ensure all yachts maintain the standards required for Diamond Collection membership. What is the cost for this sparkling seal of approval? A well-spent 12,000 euros per year.

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