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This issue we share one man's attempt at a world record, a new addition to the Fairport Support fleet, a rim-driven electric thruster from ocean yachting systems, and bad news for one Florida captain.
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Cerion Fuel Additive to Circle the Globe

Accomplish More

Accomplish More

World record adventurer Alan Priddy is using Cerion Energy’s GO2 diesel fuel additive on board his boat, Accomplish More, for the Company85 Global Challenge Round the World powerboat record attempt this year.

The Challenge is a bid by British ocean adventurer Priddy to design and build the fastest and most efficient wave-piercing powerboat to circumnavigate the globe, breaking not just the existing 60 days, 23 hours, 49 minutes powerboat record, but the 45 days, 13 hours, 42 minutes sailing record. The ultimate goal is the fastest-ever surface circumnavigation.

“All the way along, we've been at pains to explain that the Company85 Global Challenge powerboat Accomplish More has been designed to be as fuel efficient as possible. GO2’s proven ability to improve fuel efficiency up to 14 percent will be incredibly valuable to the Challenge,” says Priddy. “The primary motive behind our interest in GO2 is to get the greatest range that we can on one fill of fuel, and thus cut down on time spent in port. However, we also hope that GO2, together with the range of new technologies we’re bringing together, can show a way forward to develop ever-more efficient vessels for the future.”

GO2 is a nanotechnology-based additive, which, when added to diesel fuel, reduces consumption by 8 to 14 percent, particulate matter (soot) by up to 40 percent, and unburned hydrocarbons (fuel odor) by up to 70 percent, Cerion claims. The nanoparticles in GO2 act as oxygen couriers by contributing and redistributing oxygen in the combustion chamber, while also accelerating the rate of combustion. In doing this, a faster, more powerful and more complete burn occurs which requires less fuel for the same work output required of the engine. Through this process, GO2 reverses the effects of carbon build-up on the cylinder wall, while simultaneously decreasing CO2, unburned hydrocarbons, and particulate matter (soot) produced during normal operation. GO2 is marketed and distributed to the yachting sector worldwide by GO2 Global Yachting.

For more information, visit go2globalyachting.com

Fairport Signs Lady Lola to its Fleet

Photo Credit Quicksilver Studios

Photo Credit Quicksilver Studios

Fort Lauderdale’s Fairport Yacht Support has announced the addition of the 205ft (62.5m) Oceanco Lady Lola to its fleet. Lady Lola joins Fairport’s current fleet of 16 vessels.

Fairport is an independent shore support company that provides services including International Safety Management (ISM); International Ship and Port Security (ISPS); yacht financial administration and accounting; crew administration, payroll and management; operations and technical management with Flag States/Class Administration; and worldwide logistical support. It holds a Document of Compliance, required under the ISM code, from the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry and the Marshall Islands Yacht Registry. The firm was established in October 2011 by yacht-industry veteran Graeme Lord. Prior to founding the company, Lord was director of yacht management for International Yacht Collection for eight years.

Lady Lola is under the command of Captain Mac McDonald and will be en route to the Mediterranean for the summer charter season.

For more information, visit fairportsupport.com

Rim-Driven Thrusters for New Perinis

Ocean Yacht Systems (OYS) has been contracted to supply the new Perini Navi 60-meter series with its latest Rim Driven Electric (RDE) thruster.


Scheduled for delivery in 2013, hull c.2193 will be the initial Perini with the new RDE thruster. Introduced at last year’s Monaco Yacht Show, the thruster has been welcomed into the marketplace as a quieter and lighter alternative to other electric thrusters available. With the propeller as the only moving part, there is no need for expensive rim bearings or watertight seals, which saves weight, cost and improves reliability.

Hull c.2193 will be installed with an RDE-0650-S-090, which is a 90kw (120hp) swing-deploying thruster. OYS has supplied standing rigging, hydraulic vangs and backstays to 90 percent of the Perini Navi fleet currently at sea.

For more information, visit oceanyachtsystems.co.uk

Captain Accused in Yacht Sinking

Robert Figueredo, 49, was arrested in early May by detectives from the Florida Department of Financial Services Division of Insurance Fraud on a first-degree grand theft charge for allegedly sinking a $1.86 million yacht in 2009 off the Bahamas. The division had initiated an investigation into the sinking of the 80-foot yacht Star One, reported stolen from Key Biscayne on May 4, 2009, one day after it was discovered scuttled in an area known as the “Tongue of the Ocean” offshore from the Bahamas.

Suspicions of Figueredo’s involvement were initially raised by a statement from Figueredo’s ex-girlfriend, who told police that he had bragged to her that he had sunk the boat deliberately, the department says. Figueredo gave a sworn statement to the insurance company that he had no knowledge of the theft, and he was completely unaware of who had taken Star One. Federated Insurance Company received the claim for the sunken boat.

Following his arrest, Figueredo was booked into the Miami-Dade County Jail. If convicted on the charge, he faces up to 30 years in prison.