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Calling them just carpets and rugs doesn’t do them justice. The high degree of artisanal skill that goes into the products made by Italy’s Luxury Carpet Studio approaches the level of art and has won recognition from fashion houses, luxury hotels and megayacht owners.


Luxury Carpet Studio’s rugs are worldwide protagonists of the interior design of the most important superyachts. The sartorial indoor-and-outdoor collection, based on the concepts of custom and handmade, can be an excellent inspiration to the most demanding designers and owners.


Superior materials, workmanship, design, decorative motifs, textures, durability and the refined timeless elegance of Luxury Carpet Studio’s rugs combine to enhance the beauty of yachts, turning every project into a challenge to win and to make each unique and distinctive. They are a manifesto of the custom-made in honor of the Italian tradition of beauty.


“It is a natural consequence to the strategic choice at the core of the brand since it was born: to pursue excellence with no ifs, ands or buts, almost regardless of the commercial relapses that are, of course crucially important,” says Vincenzo Solenne, founder and CEO of the Brianza-based company. “Having decided to operate in a specific market segment, this approach means to bet everything on ‘custom made’—a good choice that has allowed us to overcome the strict entry barriers to the luxury yachting world and, project after project, to position ourselves amongst the first three or four players in the field. It is our merit, but is also due to our Italian DNA. We are a country of saints, poets, artists, heroes, sailors and, for some time, of designers.”


Specifically, the virtues that have brought Luxury Carpet Studio to be a leading company today are “the attention and care we put in each phase of the production process and sales. Especially in designing, where, in some cases, we meet sustainability criteria by looking for reusable or recycled materials and studying the exact dimensions of the manufact in order to limit at the minimum waste”, and continues: “It is the choice of materials, in the name of beauty and sophistication, that focuses, depending on project, on wools, mixes of wool and silk, recyclable yarns, all rigorously compliant with the main international quality and certification standards.”


In the future imminent projects of Luxury Carpet Studio there are three goals: converting part of their production into recycled products in line with the dynamics of the circular economy, opening a new branch in the U.K. and becoming the world leader over the next years in the megayacht and gigayacht markets.

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