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The Mangusta GranSport 45 is a fast displacement yacht that combines technical features such as speed, greater range and limited consumption with extraordinary levels of comfort.

Accelerate your aspirations.

With its aggressive styling and exhilarating speed, the all-aluminum Mangusta GranSport range represents the perfect fusion of high performance and long range. Able to voyage over extended distances quickly and comfortably, it allows you to accelerate towards your aspirations – and the time to enjoy them to the fullest.


Tailored to meet your needs.

Every Mangusta interior is tailored to the tastes and preferences of its owner. It takes supreme attention to detail to create a home away from home on the water. By selecting only the finest materials and the most talented craftsmen, Mangusta ensures that each interior design is totally unique and customized to fit your aspirations like a glove. Because true comfort is also about feeling comfortable.

Custom is key.

A smart interior and exterior layout determine both the comfort of those on board and the efficient operation of the vessel. Mangusta defines the standard general arrangement to ensure maximum enjoyment of guests and proper separation of the crew areas. But custom is key and owners are completely free to introduce their own solutions to achieve their ideal yacht.