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The Italian Sea Group (TISG) is a global operator in the international yacht industry. It is active in the construction and refit of superyachts and megayachts up to 100 meters. The company operates on the market with three brands: Admiral, famous for its prestigious and elegant full-custom megayachts; Tecnomar, known for its “sporty” approach with cutting-edge design and high performances; and NCA Refit, which manages the repair and refit services of sailing and motoryachts over 60 meters. The Italian Sea Group has 330 direct employees and approximately 900 indirect workers. With the superyachts under construction, it has considerable financial strength and its financial statements have for years been certified by renowned international rating companies.

CEO, Giovanni Costantino

CEO, Giovanni Costantino

The Italian Sea Group operations cover more than 100,000 square meters that boast futuristic offices and unique facilities. Over the years, they have allowed the company to support the constant and progressive dimensional increase of yacht construction and refit activities. “The Village” is an additional and unique area for the welfare and entertainment of shipowners, crews and employees.

TISG R&D Team, which includes naval architects, designers and engineers, allows full customization, design dynamism and high-end quality research in the technical and stylistic details of the final production to satisfy the most demanding international customers. The control and organization of the production chain are under the total control of TISG internal business units dedicated to wooden carpentry, steelwork and upholstery that guarantee timing, highest quality and innovation.


All these facilities make TISG a leading operator in the industry, able to offer to all customers a unique and outstanding experience.

  • YEAR FOUNDED: 1942
  • CURRENT YARD LOCATIONS: The Italian Sea Group spa, Viale Cristoforo, Colombo 4Bis, Marina di Carrara MS, 54033 Italy
  • CEO: Giovanni Costantino
  • SPECIALTIES: New builds from 36 to 100 meters, planing, semi-displacement and full-displacement
  • NOTABLE BUILDS: Ouranos, Quinta Essentia, Tremenda, Planet Nine, Life Saga, Geco
  • REFIT SERVICES AVAILABLE: Thanks to constant and significant evolution, both customizable and technological, NCA Refit offers exceptional infrastructures and services to all superyachts across the Mediterranean Sea, thanks to its about 100,000 square meters of operative space, two warehouses and 200 meters of private dry docks. It also has 2,000 meters of docks, a floating dock for yachts up to 100 meters and a maximum capacity of 3,300 tons. NCA Refit represents an excellence in refit and repair activities of superyachts, megayachts and sailing yachts including hull maintenance, hull-bottom survey and metalworks. Services also include repair and modification of electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems; engine room machinery and systems overhaul and upgrade; electronic equipment upgrade; full repainting; anticorrosion and anti-osmosis treatments; exterior improvements including deck work, steelwork, teak, deck equipment, exterior redesign, exterior transformations and lengthening; interior re-styling, including marble treatments and upholstery renewing and custom-made interior redesign.
  • SPECIALIZED SERVICES FOR SAILING YACHTS: Staging masts, standing and running rigging, deck equipment
  • DRYDOCK CAPACITY: 200 meters

Viale Cristoforo Colombo 4Bis
Marina di Carrara MS 54033 Italy

HEADQUARTERS: +39 0585 5062
AMERICAS: (954) 494-7096