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Founded in Ancona, Italy, in 1963, CRN is a shipbuilder specialized in fully custom steel and aluminum yachts from 45 meters and up. From the very beginning, CRN has built yachts of peerless beauty featuring cutting-edge solutions that have set the standard in the yachting world for functional innovation, representing Italian manufacturing at its finest.

CRN proudly creates megayachts conceived by the owner’s vision and talent to create a work of unparalleled style that mirrors the owner’s personality to the full.


Innovation is the hallmark of CRN. The yard focuses on anticipating trends and developing new designs while ensuring that everything revolves around the owner. The bespoke megayacht concept thus acquires new meaning, embracing and reflecting every client’s dreams, designs and imaginings—as in any truly creative process. CRN assures this freedom of expression, empowering owners to become true authors of their own masterpiece.

CRN’s history spans over half a century, a fascinating and in many ways symbolic story of remarkable ideas, great challenges and incredible achievements that have shaped the outstanding brand it is today. Each yacht is a unique, individual work of art, before being part of the CRN fleet.

One of CRN’s many assets is its impressive yard with over 80,000 m2 of production facilities, one of the largest in Europe. The private marina with 14 moorings for 24- to 100-meter yachts and dedicated state-of-the-art sheds for constructing steel and aluminum yachts and Custom Line composite yachts, are a key driver in its constant pursuit of excellence.

Add to that a team of specialist engineers, architects and technicians conceiving hulls and naval platforms of outstanding performance plus an interiors and design department with almost 60 years’ experience working with world-class architects and designers. The heartbeat of a shipyard is its people. With their problem-solving know-how, these technical experts are always primed to rise to the challenges set by exacting customers.


CRN represents the global beacon of excellence in Italian shipbuilding and proudly creates superyachts conceived by the owner’s vision through the expertise of its own hands. The CRN fleet currently boasts more than 400 vessels in the water, including military and commercial ships as well as yachts.

The yard focuses on anticipating trends and market demand and developing new concepts and designs while ensuring that everything revolves around the owner. The company relies on a team of engineers, architects, and technicians who conceive the best-performing hulls and naval platforms, as well as outstanding design solutions created by internationally renowned designers in charge of the yachts’ functional and aesthetic design.


CURRENT YARD LOCATIONS: Ferretti Group Superyacht Yard Via Enrico Mattei 26, 60125 Ancona Italy
CRN Chairman & Ferretti Group CEO: Alberto Galassi
BUILD MATERIALS: Aluminum, steel and aluminum
SPECIALTIES: Fully custom yachts from 45 meters and up
YACHTS IN BUILD/NOTABLE BUILDS: 4 yachts under build: hull 138, 62 meters; hull 139, 72 meters; hull 141, 60 meters and hull 142, 52 meters
Most notable builds: Superconero, Caravelle, Vespucci, Fath Al Khair, Azteca, F100, Il Vagabondo, Azzurra, Awal II, Pegaso, Pestifer, Sahab IV, Numptia,Saramour, Ability, GiVi, Maraya, Romance, Blue Eyes, Darlings Danama, J’Ade, Chopi Chopi, Yalla, Atlante, Cloud 9, Latona, Mimtee, Voice
REFIT SERVICES AVAILABLE: CRN has established a specialist refitting division. With its technical expertise, experience and design skill, it offers a comprehensive range of dedicated services tailored to achieve excellent, unique results every time.

  • Lifting capability
  • A 10,000 m2 dedicated hardstanding area
  • A 1400 m2 dedicated sheltered area
  • Berths up to 100m in LOA
  • Conversion and extension projects
  • Systems modification
  • Refit services in partner facilities
  • Technical inspections
  • Interior design management
  • Interaction with Classification societies for Class Renewal
  • Direct access to original vessel documentation – only Ferretti Group Yacht—drawings, manuals, etc.
  • Damage assessments redesign




Ferretti Group Superyacht Yard
Via Enrico Mattei 26
60125 Ancona, Italy
Phone: +39 071 5011 111

Filippo Beltrame, CRN & Custom Line Sales Manager
Ferretti Group America
1445 SE 16th Street, 33316, Fort Lauderdale (US)
Mobile: +1 954 829 8508
Phone: +1 954 462 5527