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Wild Group Makes Us Rethink Vinyl

Vinyl is not just for records. Advances in technology have given this material new purpose and life. Vinyl wraps are commonplace now on cars and trucks. In the boating world, they are an interesting alternative to an expensive new paint job.


Wild Group International manufactures the wraps and sells them in a wide range of graphics, logos, textures and colors. They can be an easy and cost-effective way to give a used yacht a new look, or prevent paint or gelcoat damage on new boats. Since they can mimic texture and materials, such as leather and carbon fiber, they can be used as part of the interior décor as well. You can use them to dress up the yacht’s dashboard, mast, mullion, bulkhead, nav station, table, cockpit or even flybridge. Other uses include protecting high-traffic areas or coordinating tenders and toys with the mothership.

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Scorpion Coatings


Scorpion Marine Coatings offers a colorfast, non-skid surface that adheres to most existing platforms, including fiberglass or wood. This moisture- and UV-resistant material started out as a truck-bed liner, but has its use in the marine industry. Scorpion’s XO2 coating comes in a wide range of colors and is available in textures ranging from glass-smooth to coarse. Optional granular additives are available for an even wider array of finishes, non-skid properties and textures for anything from the boat decks to ramps.

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