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Get where you're going safer with a new update from Navionics and, once you get there, try out a new product from Nocqua that will light up your night.
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Navionics and Navionics+ users can now download updates that include a few new tricks. Navionics+ customers can select and download any amount of content from any of the seven global regions, enhance maps with sonar logs users collect, sync all changes with the mobile and web Navionics applications as well as being able to access the traditional one year of Freshest Data. In addition to the new update, Navionics customers can access all the features available to + devices with a service upgrade.


For feature demonstrations:Navionics+ and Navionics Updates

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LEDs on Your Paddleboard?

LED lights have become a common addition to the bottoms of yachts, but Nocqua, a North Carolina-based water sports accessories company has a line of lights you can add to your paddleboards. The 2000 LED lighting system includes two LED light bars, each containing 72 lights that together emit more than 2,000 lumens. When activated, the lights create a 360-degree light field that gives you a view of the nighttime underwater world, a view that is especially interesting when riding a clear paddleboard. Powered by a water-resistant lithium-ion battery, the 2000 LED system also has an optional power switch that can change the color of the lights to let the user know how much battery life is left. The optional switch also includes a setting for an SOS strobe effect. The Nocqua LED system can also be fitted to kayaks and canoes and retails for $399.99 with extra batteries at $59.99.


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