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Tech Roundup

Keeping up with the constant changes in available technology is practically a full-time job. During the Miami International Boat Show, we strolled through the convention center to catch up with some companies whose innovative products are already on our must-have list.

Keeping up with the constant changes in available technology is practically a full-time job. During the Miami International Boat Show, we strolled through the convention center to catch up with some companies whose innovative products are already on our must-have list.

GOST Camera

Global Ocean Security Technologies (GOST) has released what it calls the Xtreme Mini Dome. Only slightly larger than a golf ball, this super-low-light, stainless-steel-encased camera is designed for use inside or out in the harshest weather. It can switch between day and night modes and can be used as a back-up camera for docking. GOST backs the internal camera with a three-year warranty and the external casing with a 15-year warranty.

GOST Xtreme Mini

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McMurdo, a U.K.-based technology company, produces a range of beacons and transmitters. One of its newest products is the Smartfind S10 AIS Beacon, an easy-to-operate, handheld beacon that transmits an AIS SAR man-overboard distress call to all AIS-capable ships within a four-mile range. It is buoyant, and waterproof to 60-meters (197ft).

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Hall MEDpac

The Hall MEDpac, designed by Dr. Michael J. Hall, is not your typical first-aid kit. These suitcase-size cases include essential medical tools and treatments. Those without medical training can add a yearly subscription to a satellite link connecting instantly with a qualified doctor who will walk them through whatever emergency they may face. With a yearly contract, the kits start at either $2,500 for the MEDpac Junior, or $5,000 for the MEDpac Senior. Each kit is made to order and can be stocked based on existing medical needs, likely accidents based on itinerary, or as a catch-all for unforeseen eventualities.


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Kannad Marine AIS Beacon

Kannad Marine’s SafeLink R10 Survivor Recovery System (SRS) fixes to life jackets and, when activated, broadcasts an AIS SAR signal up to four miles. When correctly installed, the R10 SRS will automatically activate upon inflation of a life vest. The beacon will transmit its location for 24 hours and flash an LED light to aid in location at night.


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Aquabotix Cameras

The AquaLens by AquaBotix attaches to the end of any standard boathook and can give you a clear view of your anchor, propellers, hull, or possible underwater obstructions. Equipped with LED lights for night or murky water conditions, the AquaLens relays video to a 3 ½-inch screen the user wears like a wristwatch. The unit can operate for 10 hours on battery power or continuously via an AC adaptor. If a boathook is not long enough to do the job, Aquabotix also offers the submersible, remote controlled HydroView. Available in two models—Sport or Pro—the HydroView gives mariners the benefits of free reign underwater, or at least to the end of the 300-foot cable. With a special app, the HydroView can also be controlled via iPad, iPhone, Android phone or laptop, and can even be used to record underwater video.


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SeaLife Cameras

SeaLife markets an array of HD underwater cameras and accessories. One of the newest in company’s lineup is the DC1400. This handheld, 14-megapixel camera comes with a removable waterproof case that is specially designed for ease of use when in full SCUBA gear. The four-button control allows you to access all of the camera’s features. Also available are a variety of specially designed lights to help brighten up those hard to capture colors that often get lost in underwater photography. This powerful point-and-click camera can shoot 720p video, too, and the casing is guaranteed to a depth of 200 feet (60.9m).


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Touchy-Feely Raymarine Displays

Raymarine held sea-trials during the Miami Boat show in February to showcase its new e-series multi-function displays with HybridTouch adaptability to give captains the option of controlling the screen via touch or an integrated push-button panel. The 9- or 12-inch displays can integrate Navionics charts, radar, video, Raymarine’s ClearPulse Sonar, weather, thermal night vision, as well as a variety of wireless devices such as a Bluetooth media player, autopilot and AIS. Also available is its c-series model, which includes most of the same features, but without the touch screen control. The ClearPulse CHIRP technology is also a new feature that operates on two independent sonars and uses a variety of frequencies to obtain a clearer picture of movement.


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Mobile Web Access

Yacht Router is an advanced Internet access controller for satellite (VSAT, Inmarsat, Iridium, etc.), 3G and WiFi communications for luxury yachts and merchant ships. Yacht Router units come with simple setup and control software that can be installed on any computer connected to the unit. Easy control can be accomplished with an optional 10-inch waterproof touch screen.

Navcom Yacht Router

The devices allow captains to establish a WiFi hotspot connected to the Internet via satellite, 3G mobile or marina/port WiFi connection. Four versions are available depending on size of the yacht, features desired and the yacht’s communications capability. The Yacht Router Pro is designed for installation on larger boats and megayachts with multiple satellite Internet sources. It is equipped with two WIFI modules, one to connect Yacht Router to WiFi hotspots in the marina and another to establish two yacht WiFi access points (owner, guests).

Yacht Router Pro Network

Yacht Router Pro is equipped with a 3G modem for mobile network connection. If you want to avoid constant mobile SIM card changing while cruising in different areas, you can expand Yacht Router Pro with the 3G Expander. If you need more than six LAN ports, you can connect the LAN Expander. Yacht Router Pro is equipped for simultaneous user access to different Internet sources.

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