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Raymarine adds two applications to their product lineup: the RayRemote and the RayControl. DeLorme's already award-winning inReach device is now compatible with Apple mobile devices. And for those yachts not required to carry a Class-A AIS transponder, Digital Deep Sea has a compact solution.

New Raymarine Mobile Apps

Raymarine has announced the launch of two new mobile apps for smart phones and tablets. Available for both iOS and Android platforms, the new RayRemote and RayControl apps put captains in full command of Raymarine’s new c-Series and e-Series multifunction navigation displays. Taking advantage of the wireless capabilities of the new c-Series and e-Series, the apps allow captains to interact with electronic charting, sonar, radar and thermal night vision from their smart phones or tablets.


The RayControl app transforms tablets, like the Apple iPad into a full function Raymarine MFD repeater with seamless touch screen interaction between the tablet and MFD. RayControl also provides a virtual slide-out keypad that emulates the actual keypad of Raymarine c-Series and e-Series MFDs, giving boaters the freedom to interact with their Raymarine navigation system from anywhere on board.

The RayRemote app is optimized for smart phone displays, offers full-screen viewing and remote control. RayRemote lets users switch between a full-screen repeater display and a full-screen virtual keypad with a tap of the display. The virtual remote keypad emulates all MFD controls, including cursor and rotary controls, allowing boaters to navigate features, rotate through menus, and make adjustments effortlessly.

The RayControl and RayRemote apps join the existing free RayViewer app in the Apple iTunes App Store, Google Play Store for Android and the Amazon Android Marketplace. RayControl is available for $49.99 and RayRemote is $29.99. Raymarine e-Series and c-Series owners can connect with Raymarine mobile apps by upgrading their MFD to v3.15 software, available as a free download at

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DeLorme Brings Satcom to Mobile Devices

DeLorme has announced that its award-winning inReach is now compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, making it possible to access through those devices an array of two-way satellite communications capabilities with the inReach and the DeLorme Earthmate App. Users can now send and receive messages to and from cell phones, email contacts and other inReach users anywhere in the world, including areas outside traditional wireless coverage zones. InReach can also be used to post messages to Facebook and Twitter.


InReach, launched in the fall of 2011, is the first consumer-affordable satellite communicator with two-way SOS and personal text messaging, message delivery confirmation, Follow-Me/Find-Me tracking and location, and global coverage.

Compact and lightweight, inReach is dustproof and waterproof, buoyant, and impact-resistant. InReach uses its internal GPS for remote tracking and embedding precise location coordinates in sent messages.

In the event of an emergency, the interactive SOS capability of the inReach provides an automatically triggered remote tracking service. Users can accurately describe their situation so proper resources can be deployed, and both user and responders can provide ongoing updates until help arrives. InReach provides reliable two-way connections through the Iridium satellite communications network.

Suggested retail price for inReach is $249.95, with annual satellite subscriptions beginning at $9.95 per month. Four-month seasonal plans are also available. The DeLorme Earthmate App is available free from the App Store.

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Digital Deep Sea’s New Class B AIS Transponder

Digital Deep Sea has launched a new commercial-grade Class B AIS transponder. Called the CLB2000, it has been specifically designed for installation on work boats, ferries and other commercial and leisure craft that want to add the functionality of AIS, but are not required to carry an expensive, mandatory-fit, Class A-type transponder. It is designed to interface with the latest onboard electronics with a traditional NMEA 0183 interface as well as an advanced NMEA 2000 interface for plug-and-play compatibility with the latest generation of plotters and radars. It also has a USB connection for PC or Mac, which allows the unit to be programmed, as well as providing an AIS and GPS data feed for PC-based navigation systems.


The CLB2000 ships with a combination GPS and VHF antenna meaning one compact 3ft 7in antenna is required for transponder operation.

The CLB2000 is available now and is priced at $1099.95 complete with all antennas. It is suitable for use on 12v and 24v DC systems.

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