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POGO Alarms Theft Deterrent

Powerful portable protection


Walter Dethier, a veteran boat dealer who was a victim of boat theft three times, and offshore racer Christopher Cestaro developed POGO (Power Off-Game On) Alarms. They describe their device as an innovative, cost-effective and deceptively simple marine alarm system. And, in fact, it does sound simple. Presumably, to steal a craft of any kind, a thief would have to untie it from the dock. Along with ropes, the boat is usually hooked up to a power source. That is where POGO comes in. As soon as the shore-power cord is disconnected, a piercing alarm goes off, alerting everyone in the vicinity. It is a compact unit akin to a battery charger, weighing less than three pounds, which means it can be installed even on a tender. Requiring no hard wiring, it works with any boat connected to a power source.

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