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On the Drawing Board

From conception to completion, it can be years before the world sees the finished project. Here's an early look at a refit proposal from Adam Voorhees and Northrop and Johnson on the 213-foot Van Triumph and a 173-foot hybrid project from Green Yachts.
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Adam Voorhees’ Conversion Project

Refits and conversions can be time consuming and complex. Most often, they’re labors of love or projects spurred on by the possibilities a designer sees in the ship. The latter is definitely the case with Adam Voorhees’ recently released proposal for a refit of the 213-foot (65-meter) Van Triumph. Originally built in 1983 by Hong Kong-based Supercraft, the yacht is now for sale under Bart Kimman of Northrop and Johnson Asia. Vorhees’ proposal for potential new owners retains Van Triumph’s original hull and superstructure, focusing the upgrades and updates on the interior layout and décor. While the structure of the interior would remain much the same, Voorhees designed a wraparound glass curtain for the aft dining area to convert it to a multi-function, and multi-weather, space. Forward he placed a spa area for a massage room, sauna and beauty room and reimagined the owner’s area to include a private lounge. The remaining guest accommodations have been updated as well, ensuring all 16 guests have comfortable, spacious suites. One of the notable exterior additions would be the helideck and a new gantry system for tenders. Additionally, the tender bay will offer a protected exterior living space and this area or the helideck could be used as a dance floor or an outdoor cinema.


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Green Yachts’ LGH 53 Hybrid

Sustainability and economy are more important than ever and, more importantly, having both is possible these days as technology begins to catch up to our aspirations. One company working to make the best of both is Green Yachts, an Italian company working to develop everything from luxury yacht toys to their latest concept, a 173-foot (53-meter) hybrid yacht. Designed with straight lines and clean surfaces, the LGH 53 Hybrid has a lot of the classic features owners would expect on a yacht this size including a forward main deck master and spacious sundeck. Full-height windows on the main deck bring in scenic views and plenty of light into the central living areas and the owner’s suite. The remaining four guest suites are located on the lower deck. Aft, when the stern door opens it creates an inviting beach club. The propulsion system utilizes twin CATs paired with a hybrid electric system to reduce consumption and pollution. This dual-power propulsion is expected to provide a top speed of 18 knots, a cruising speed of 15 knots and a range of 4,700 nautical miles.


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