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New Tech and Gear

If you're looking for the next advancement, from Raymarine, wait no longer. Also, in this issue see FLIR's new high-res thermal night vision unit with color camera, an affordable weather monitoring system, and how Perini Navi is reaching out to captains and crew.

FLIR’s New High-Res Thermal Night Vision Unit With Color TV Camera


FLIR Systems has announced the release of the latest addition to its M-Series family: the new gyro-stabilized M-618CS.

Features of the new unit include:

• High-resolution thermal night vision—640 x 480 resolution, along with 2× and 4× E-Zoom, provide clear, detailed images from long range, even in total darkness.
• Extended-range performance—The 35mm thermal lens can detect small vessels from over two miles away.
• Active gyro-stabilization—Provides steady imagery, even in rough seas.
• Color TV camera with 10x optical zoom—Continuous zoom can match the thermal camera’s E-Zoom for easy operation when switching between cameras.

The unit is housed in a waterproof gimbal enclosure that provides continuous 360° pan and +/-90° tilt capability and incorporates Ethernet connectivity.


Raymarine Viewer for Android

Raymarine has released its Raymarine viewer app, RayView, for Android tablets and smartphones. The new app, available now in the Google Play Android store, joins the previously released RayView app for Apple iOS devices.


Taking advantage of the built-in Wi-Fi networking in its new c-Series and e-Series multifunction displays, the RayView app enables captains to view their multifunction display on an Android mobile device running version 2.2 or higher, with 1GHz or faster processors.


Affordable Weather Monitoring

The WX Series WeatherStation product line From AirMar Technology provides real-time, site-specific weather information at a more competitive price than has been offered in the past, the Milford, N.H.-based company says in a release.


The Airmar WX Series instruments offer true and apparent wind speed and direction in one compact housing without the need for additional sensors, according to the press release. Depending on the model, as many as seven different sensors are included, all with no moving parts. Ideal for stationary applications, the 100WX and 110WX models offer apparent wind speed and direction, air temperature and barometric pressure readings.

For moving applications where true and apparent wind are different, the 150WX or 200WX models are recommended and include additional sensors such as a 10Hz GPS, solid-state compass, tilt sensors and a field replaceable relative humidity sensor. These models feature configurable RS232, RS422 and CAN BUS digital data outputs. (From Soundings Trade Only)


Perini Site Adds Captains, Crew and Jobs Areas

The Perini Navi Group has added two sections to its Web site aimed at captains and crew. The new sections, “Captains & Crew Area” and “Career,” were created for those who wish to be in direct contact with the extended family formed by Perini Navi and Picchiotti.


The “Captains & Crew Area” section, which is only in English, has been created for captains who already work on Perini Navi Group yachts and for those who would like to work on one. Captains who are already employed on Perini vessels can communicate directly with the group through a dedicated channel. Those seeking employment can fill out a registration form and access a personal area where they can display and update their résumé.

The “Career” section will be both in Italian and in English is for those who are seeking land-based employment at the Perini Navi Group. Thanks to a new interactive form, all data regarding candidates for employment and their résumés will be gathered in a single database that will automatically organize and select their profiles. Candidates can update their profiles any time they wish. On top of this, a new version of the website in Russian has been added to the versions already available in Italian and in English.

All multimedia content of the website is compatible with the most popular mobile and desktop systems. In fact, one of this Web site’s primary objectives is ease of use and compatibility with smartphones and tablets. Expressly created to be adaptable and compatible with the latest technology and devices, the Perini Navi Group’s Web site uses xhtml strict 1.0 code.