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New Gear & Technology

Having the right gear or the most accurate information can mean the difference between life and death out at sea. Here are three different companies you may want to look into before you leave port.

Mark9 Manoverboard from Pains Wessex

Pains Wessex, a UK-based company specializing in marine distress signals unveiled their Mark 9 Manoverboard (MOB) mounted system at a commercial shipping exhibition in Hamburg, Germany. This SOLAS-approved device is smaller and lighter than the previous versions and has been made easier to install and easier to maintain with individually replaceable LED bulbs. It also comes with improved mounting to prevent accidental deployment in rough seas.


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Crowd-sourced Weather?

Crowd-sourcing has become a popular method of gathering information from a global collection of experts, but Weather Underground has taken it to the next level. This online weather service has just launched a new Sailing & Boating page on their site, which provides boaters with detailed local weather information alongside marine data from ActiveCaptain. To achieve this, Weather Underground utilizes a network of 16,000 personal weather stations across the US and combines this information to provide boaters with detailed information including wave graphs that separate out swell and wind waves as well as tide charts. “Weather plays such a crucial role in the safety and enjoyment of all boating activities and our new page will serve the sailing community with an invaluable free resource,” says Alan Steremberg, president and co-founder of Weather Underground. “Designed for professionals and hobbyists alike our page is a one-stop shop for planning any boating or sailing trip.”


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Rechargeable LEDs

Having a reliable light source in a dangerous situation can be a matter of life or death and the California-based Pelican’s new 3765 LED Rechargable Flashlight is designed just for those times. The three 5mm LEDs produce light at four settings ranging from 32 lumens to 172 lumens and with a four-level battery-life indicator, first-responders should never be caught off-guard by sudden darkness. Other features include a tethered battery door, an IPX4 water resistance rating, durable mounting clip, and polymer construction rated for a 2-meter drop. In addition, the 3765 has been given a Class I, Division 2 safety rating for use in volatile environments.


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