Innovation & Design: Water Without Bottles

Water Logic

Water Logic



Whether you believe claims stating that somewhere in the Pacific is a Texas-size “gyre” of discarded plastic floating in an endless vortex or not, it is clear that curbing the use of single-serving plastic bottles is a good idea. But, on extended cruises how do you ensure you have a sufficient supply of quality drinking water to keep guests hydrated?

A couple of companies offer solutions that can help curb the use of bottled water aboard the yacht. The ATMOS H20 Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) pulls water right out of thin air, much like a specialized dehumidifier. Not only does it create a drier environment, it also supplies chemical-free pH-balanced water from a free-standing, electrically powered unit that draws nearly eight gallons per day. The compact unit requires no additional plumbing.

Water Logic’s coolers and dispensers feature various filters, up to and including a “UV firewall” that help remove all impurities. The super sailing yacht Marie has a Water Logic cooler in its main salon bar, and it delivers perfectly chilled carbonated or plain water, poured directly into a reuseable glass, in seconds. Coolers are available in a variety of shapes and finishes.

The Water Quality Association certifies Waterlogic’s UV-treated water to its strict standards.

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