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Innovation & Design: Safer Seas

Current Corporation announces its latest system

Current Corporation, which operates under the motto of ’To Save Lives and Property at Sea,’ is already known for their night navigator camera systems, but the newest addition to their commercial line could top them all. The Night Navigator SOS is equipped with an integrated four-camera system (an image-intensified night vision, an infrared active laser gating, a highest resolution thermal imager, and a high-definition day camera) and software that provides automatic object detection, automatic object tracking, dynamic image mixing, four weather presets and IP-based control. The IP-based control means you can link the entire system to the iNightNav app for the iPhone or iPad and the touchscreen interface works with a glass bridge setup. The SOS (which stands for Safety On Seas) not only enables night navigation, but can also provide clear views of the sea during fog or brutal storms, an advantage that may save ships from losing their way or running aground. Current Corporation offered demonstrations of the Night Navigator SOS and their other commercially available models aboard the 86' M/Y Aurora in Vancouver, Canada from April to June 2011.


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