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Innovation & Design: Never Run Out Of Flowers

A Hamburg-based company with offices in Miami, Dauerflora is garnering the attention of the yachting world with sculptural creations made of flowers and plants. Or are they? If you look a little closer at arrangements, you begin to notice that a few don’t seem quite real. The compositions can be very lifelike or serve as sculptural pieces inspired by the plant world. It all depends on the look the clients are trying to achieve. The company uses high-quality artificials and also creates floral arrangements with preserved flowers and foliage. The preserved flowers are very hard to tell apart from fresh-cut flowers (they even feel real). Instead of chemicals, the company uses a glycerin-and-water solution to preserve rose buds or grass, which last a long time, as long as they are kept away from direct water. They require very little maintenance other than occasional dusting and a proper dry spot. And best of all, unlike the real thing, they will not bring any critters aboard. Dauerflora designers understand the need to create pieces that will not shift with each wave, and the company’s artisans’ creativity extends into mural pieces that make for refreshing alternates to conventional art. Rose petals, moss and grass, occasionally integrated behind glass panels, make for interesting combinations, which will look perfectly at home on your green yacht.


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