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Innovation & Design: Livening Up The Decks

As seen on Imagine


The newly delivered Amels 212, Imagine, features an intriguing objet d’art, which also makes for a great conversation piece. The interactive piece, called “You Fade to Light,” is a creation of rAndom International. The piece, which appears to be a puzzle made of small squared pieces of mirror, lights up as people walk by. Philips commissioned the London-based art studio to illustrate the unique quality of its new Lumiblade OLEDs. Philips’ Lumiblade uses light-emitting diodes made of thin films of organic molecule, which react to an electric current. Their mirror finish makes them particularly attractive, since their reflective quality amplifies the light and captures people’s image as they walk by. Add a camera and software to the mix, and you have a fascinating and engaging art piece. This is one of a potential total of eight pieces created from the first-ever Lumiblade OLEDs that Philips produced in Germany.

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