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Innovation & Design: April Fool Lights The Way


The Feadship April Fool has a bit of a dual personality. The 200' Royal Van Lent yacht has a timeless and classic elegance, with a long bow, dodgers and tinted sloping wheelhouse windows. Yet, because her owners like to entertain, she can be a bit of a party-girl as well. The sun deck, using a clever combination of a permanent awning forward and a carbon-fiber awning aft, plus an amazing high-power LED light feature, becomes a show-stopper at night. Behind this multi-colored light fantasy is a system by Pulsar used in movie or TV sets, concerts and to enliven architectural features at night. Three high-power Chromaflood 200 spotlights comprised of 66 flicker-free and temperature-controlled LEDS, linked to a programmable DMX remote control unit, create a veritable light fantasy in a variety of colors. To make the scene even more lively, the entire lighting setup can be linked to the yacht’s audio system.