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A submersible barge once used during the cold war will now serve as the largest enclosed dry dock on the West Coast while the East Coast welcomes a new yacht transport company.
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Bay Ship & Yacht Opens Enclosed Dry Dock

Based in Alameda, California, Bay Ship & Yacht has been operating since 1977. This year, though, Bay Ship has expanded its yard to include a covered dry dock on San Francisco Bay that can accommodate up to 6,300-long ton yachts with a maximum beam of 76 feet. According to the yard, this new facility is the only covered dry dock of this size on the West Coast. Additionally, the retractable roof will allow work to continue during inclement weather, allow for better quality control during painting and detailed marine coating applications as well as making the work performer “greener” by keeping potential hazardous fluids and emissions contained. As an interesting history note, the dock is a conversion of the submersible Hughes Mining Barge (HMB-1), which played a role in covert operations during the Cold War, specifically during the recently declassified Project Azorian.


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New Transport Company

Founded in 2012, transport company Ocean Transport is picking up recognition. Based in Fort Lauderdale, this licensed non vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) and freight forwarding company offers transportation for boats, submersibles, yachts and container cargo. Ocean Transport also offers additional services like customs clearance at your destination and cargo insurance. In addition to overseas shipping, land transport is also available.


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