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Check out some news and new additions from some cutting edge companies. Lantic Entertainment now offers a way to streamline your HD onboard entertainment system, Raymarine shows off their gyro-stabilized thermal night vision camera, and Kannad Marine announces the FCC approval on a device that might save your life.

New HD Streamer from Lantic

Lantic Entertainment Systems has announced the introduction of a new HD streamer for on board audio-visual systems. Most HD streamers are only able to stream only one channel at a time, which means yachts and high-end homes have been required to make room for extensive networked AV systems and racks containing 20 or more units. Lantic has helped reduce this technological overload with industrial components to develop a streamer that has four individual HDMI input ports and the ability to stream four separate HD channels simultaneously.


While this capability isn’t unique on the current market, Lantic’s new unit is exceptionally compact and energy efficient, making it easier to install and more effective in its use of space than the alternatives, the company says. Having four channels in a single housing also makes expanding an on-board AV system a relatively simple process.

The Lantic HD streamer comes with four HDMI input ports and can encode up to 1080p HD video. Each HD streamer controls four satellite receivers using infrared, which allows it to stream up to four simultaneous H.264 audio/video signals in a multicast format on Ethernet via a managed switch.

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Raymarine Gyro-Stabilized Thermal Night Vision

Raymarine’s newest night vision camera is the T473SC gyro-stabilized thermal camera. Engineered with FLIR thermal imaging technology, the T473SC has high-resolution, a long-range thermal imager, a color low-light-visible TV camera with 10:1 optical zoom and active gyro-stabilization.


Internal gyroscopes compensate for vessel movement automatically, which allows for a steady image when seas are rough. This advantage is especially important for operators and captains who gain the ability to see small objects at a distance and get a lay of the land when coming into harbor at night. The addition of a color TV camera with a continuous zoom lens is an added layer of clarity and the auto-focus that keeps in sync with the thermal camera means switching back and forth between views won’t be disorientating.

The T473SC easily integrates with Raymarine multifunction displays including Raymarine’s new e-Series HybridTouch models. Combined with an e-Series display, the T473SC gives captains touch-screen pan and tilt control and full access to all camera functions. Housed in a rugged, waterproof gimbal enclosure that provides continuous 360-degree pan and +/-90-degree tilt capability, the T473SC provides horizon-to-horizon thermal imaging or low-light color camera coverage.

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FCC Approval for Kannad SafeLink

Kannad Marine has announced that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has formally approved the sale of its SafeLink R10 SRS (Survivor Recovery System) in the United States. The overall winner of the 2012 Pittman Innovation Awards, the device attaches to a lifejacket. The R10 uses both GPS and AIS (Automatic Identification System) technology to send structured alert messages containing precise location information to AIS equipment on board the vessel that the individual has come from, and other AIS-equipped vessels within about a four-mile radius. The R10 also shows bearing and distance to the man in the water.


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