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Glass Or Steel: You Choose

All Ocean series gives you options


Explorer yacht specialist John DeCaro and yacht designer Luiz de Basto have joined forces to create the new All Ocean series. The partnership so far has yielded two models, a 90-footer and a 100-footer, both available in either steel or composite and sharing the same fuel-efficient, long-range abilities. “No other boat offers that option,” says DeCaro, who says many yacht owners have definite preferences when it comes to composite or steel. So, to appeal to all the expedition-yacht set, DeCaro had the idea to do complete engineering for the same model in both materials. To the casual observer, very little differentiate the two, except that the composite version has a slightly larger interior volume since that construction method does not require framing. They are equally tough and feature amazing volume.

Also involved in the design and consulting were composite-engineering specialist High Modulus; naval architecture firm Vripack, which consulted on hull form and stability; and Bray Yacht Design, a specialist in hull efficiency.

The yachts are designed to be environmentally friendly, and the interior will feature many of the new eco-friendly materials in vogue today, including bamboo wood and fabrics. Owners can choose from several available layouts, including the choice of a captain cabin aft of the wheelhouse or on the lower deck.

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