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A Submersible Superyacht?

For more than a century, naval architects have demonstrated the viability of sustaining human life beneath the ocean surface. Ex-submarine navigator/futurist Harley O’Neill of SuperyachtME and Dutch designer/conceptualist Edwin van der Mark have taken the notion of life underwater to new heights—or depths, as it were—with an inventive 335-foot (102-meter) superyacht submarine concept appropriately dubbed Nemo. Should it ever see light of day, the design calls for some radical innovations such as double waterlines and submersion capabilities, magnetic motors, elimination of reduction gears, a collapsible and retractable infrastructure, energy-absorbing and self-fixing coatings, environmentally conscious semiconductor paneling, interchangeable battery cascades on induction pads and electrical generation dynamometers throughout the vessel’s moving parts. “With a top speed of 25 knots on the surface and 7 knots submerged, this new breed of superyacht pushes the boundaries of the submarine concept with two operating depths,” says O’Neill. “Imagine a sunset dinner above water, then relaxing with a good book just under the surface, all in the same salon.”


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