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Nordhavn looks past and present to propel booming future

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The turn of the 21 century was the golden era for Nordhavn: the Around-the-World voyage and Nordhavn Atlantic Rally earned the brand the title of expedition yacht king. These two journeys – followed by thousands online (at a time when following online was a new phenomenon) – provided the impetus for hundreds of thousands to dream of adventures by sea. Orders were beyond plentiful and the public wanted to know, “What’s next?”

The economic collapse was slow to hit Nordhavn, but it did so with a vengeance. Great adventures were reserved for Nordhavn owners, focus was directed on the 120 build, and the company didn’t introduce a new model for years.

Today, however, Nordhavn is flourishing. The company is introducing new, modern passagemakers; partnering with one of Europe’s top interior design firms and even bringing back the glory days of the Nordhavn company-driven adventure. Next spring Nordhavn plans to take one (or two) boats through the Northwest Passage. Only an expedition cruise from Greenland offers access by water, but with a Nordhavn, anything is possible – including a trek from the Atlantic to the Pacific via the Arctic Ocean.

Even Nordhavn’s current production schedule is more and more reminiscent of those early 2000s, when buyers clamored to claim their spot. This, thanks to Nordhavn’s constant evolution, recognizing the importance of changing with the times and drawing people in with the industry’s most exciting and informative website. The modern era calls for upgrades in design, materials, systems, and even aesthetics. Since 2016, Nordhavn has announced 3 new builds: the N59 Coastal Pilot (the brand new edition featured at FLIBS), the new N475 mid-size design due out the end of this year, and the luxurious and modern N80, slated for early 2020. Plus, boosted by a collaboration with interior design firm, Vripack, buyers of Nordhavns 80 feet and above will have the option to choose interiors with a more contemporary feel.

All of this is encapsulated on Nordhavn’s website. Whether visitors want to learn more about what makes a great expedition yacht, see specifications and drawings, or watch inspiring videos, is a website for the 21 century buyer.

And with 14 new models to choose from, a Nordhavn is the boat for the 21 century adventurer.

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