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Dudley Dawson, Contributing writer, Yachts International

Graduating from Webb Institute of Naval Architecture in 1971, Dudley Dawson served for nine years as a US Coast Guard officer. He was later employed as vice-president of J. B. Hargrave Naval Architects, where he managed the design of a wide range of commercial and recreational vessels, including a number of superyachts. He went on to a position as chief naval architect for Hatteras Yachts, followed by a second career as a marine journalist for the past 25 years.

Dudley was a charter member of the Small Vessel Technical Committee of the American Bureau of Shipping. He has represented the U. S. marine industry in testimony before Congress and as a delegate to the International Standards Organization. He has also served as a major-case arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association’s International Center for Dispute Resolution.

Dudley continues to enjoy time on the water with his wife, three adult children and ten grandchildren.