10: Serene


LENGTH: 440ft. (134m)
SHIPYARD: Fincantieri, Italy
YEAR: 2010

For years the largest yacht built in Italy (in Viareggio) was the 282-foot Nabila, which is still on the Top 100 list as Kingdom 5KR. Then came the CRN Azteca (click here for a feature article from July 2010). The Espen Øino-designed Serene, launched at Fincantieri’s Muggiano (La Spezia) shipyard in September 2010, takes a quantum leap. This may be Fincantieri’s first private yacht, but the large commercial concern has built more than 7,000 vessels to date and other huge projects are taking shape in the sheds and on the drawing boards. The beauty of the design is that it conceals just how voluminous this yacht is and aptly hides much of the deck space from the prying eyes of passerby. The yacht has a beam of nearly 61 feet (18.5 meters to be exact), which yields extraordinary space inside and out. The yacht’s Deco-inspired 4,500 square-foot interior is by UK-based Reymond Langton Design. Technologically advanced, the yacht also features two helipads and an internal seawater pool that doubles as a tender bay with overhead glass panels. As is usual in this type of superyachts, the owner has a fully private deck that includes a library with fireplace and a lift linking the owner’s suite to a sea cabin with two private swim platforms. The wellness deck with hamman and sauna also features a snow-machine in a dedicated “cold room” for an invigorating hot-to-cold experience. The “Nemo room” has a glass floor for underwater viewing. Another nice touch is a space off the professional galley permanently set with delectable treats and dubbed the “degustation” room. A fully wired and functional conference room is also available for those who can’t get away from business. Central to the design is a sweeping and light-filled spiral staircase topped by a skylight. It takes quite a select group to take care of all these various spaces, exterior decks, pools, dance floor, engine room and a full fleet of water toys, including a small submarine; the crew tops out at 52 and the yacht can accommodate a party of 24 pampered guests. Serene was spotted traveling along the US coasts and through the Panama Canal this year and drew plenty of attention worthy of her gorgeous looks, even in star-saturated Southern California. The local newspapers attributed ownership of the superb vessel to the man who owns the largest exporter of Russian vodka and speculated the billionaire was in town to buy the Dodgers.


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