VIDEO: Nordhavn Transpacific Crossing

In what can only be called the ultimate sea trial, Nordhavn’s new flagship 120 Aurora crossed the Pacific with her new owners.

It’s rare that a new yacht of this size reaches home on her own bottom. Fears of damage and removing the boat’s brand-new gloss usually prevent such a delivery. But dollars made this delivery option a no-brainer. Because of the yacht’s weight, shipping her on a freighter would have nearly quadrupled transportation costs. Moreover, as P.A.E.’s Jim Leishman explained, the delivery tested every system, worked out kinks, calibrated instruments and demonstrated the yacht’s stability in 50-knot winds and boisterous seas.

Fourteen crew—including three engineers, Jim and Jeff Leishman, the Conconis, a chef and several others—took part in the delivery of Nordhavn’s flagship 120 Aurora, which Jim Leishman calls “a first-class shakedown cruise.”

Here’s the exclusive footage from the epic voyage:

Nordhavn 120 Delivery – China to Vancouver from Nordhavn on Vimeo.


2 comments on “VIDEO: Nordhavn Transpacific Crossing

  1. Dick Sherlock

    Fantastic video and boat. Very cool. Saw it from my sailboat the other day at South Pender Island…awesome.

  2. Art Dube

    Jim this is a true work of art. It is also a super description of a great trip.

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