Steve Jobs’ 256-foot Feadship Squeezes Through Simpson Bay Bridge [VIDEO]

Serving as a gateway to the Caribbean for countless superyachts, the Simpson Bay Bridge in St Maarten has surely seen its fair share of dings and scratches from passing vessels. Watch as Steve Jobs’ 256-foot Feadship Venus clears the famous bridge with mere inches to spare. No doubt a great example of captaining and crew work was involved.


Video by Brian Muston.

[For more yacht videos by Brian Muston, CLICK HERE.]



14 comments on “Steve Jobs’ 256-foot Feadship Squeezes Through Simpson Bay Bridge [VIDEO]

  1. Paul Foer

    Nice “job” for sure, and I am not going to say it was easy, but the boat has twin engines and a bow thruster and there were many feet to spare, “not mere inches” as was written, on either side. As long as it was slack tide and had no current or wind, it was really not that remarkable. What is remarkable is whether or not Steve Jobs was driving it. Wait a minute! Why does the late entrepreneur still have a yacht! The big deal here is that one day, cameras on drones will be a constant and everyday occurrence. This is just the beginning, and we will never go back (never say never..) to a day when drones are not everywhere. Thanks!

  2. Keith

    Im sorry but that’s not tight at all. My kid could have brought that boat through that bridge. Try an 80 ft wide barge through an 81 ft wide bridge. With 135,000 bbls of gasoline. Geeze.

  3. Pingback: Nicely done

  4. tara

    Unbelievable! !! That pilot of that Yacht has MAD SKILLS!!!! I’ve seen this yacht in Copenhagen, Denmark! It’s an amazing craft!!

  5. Thierry

    J’ai pass√© ce pont et meme avec un catamaran de 44 feets, sensations guaranties! Alors chapeau au Capitaine …et au propulseur d’etrave.

  6. CaptJake

    NIce video, but more like several feet on each side to spare,
    nonetheless always fun going through there.

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