Charter yacht crew cover Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way”

In the downtime between charters, when all professional duties have been fulfilled, some crewmembers opt to catch up on a little R&R. Others might go ashore and explore. But for this crew, downtime is primetime to pursue their “other” passion: to be the most awesome superyacht boy (cover)band that ever lived.

Meet the Chamois Shifters. Crank it up and prepare to swoon, ladies. They’re the real deal—if not just plain hilarious—and they’re cruising to a charter destination near you. Here’s the must-see video, which nearly melted down our website yesterday. Trust us, you’ll never see a sundeck the same way again.



5 comments on “Charter yacht crew cover Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way”

  1. Alison Rese

    Nothing short of brilliant – and absolutely hilarious. With moves like that, they can undoubtedly manipulate more than just a chamois pretty adeptly!
    Well done guys – I’m going to play this at every future Supercrew course – and you should think about entering the Crew Unlimited Fort Yachtie Da competition –!
    You’d probably win!

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