390-foot cargo ship launched sideways thrills spectators

On Friday, the Westerbroek, Netherlands yard of Ferus Smit sideways launched 390-foot (119-meter) cargo ship Arklow Breeze, the sixth and last vessel in a series that will be delivered to the client from the city of Arklow, Ireland. The design is a bulk oriented general cargo ship that will be mainly employed in the shipment of wheat, corn and other bulk commodities in European waters. The footage speaks for itself:

Her hull form features a “bulbless” design, creating a slender bow without the traditional bulb. Taking into account the various loading drafts and wave conditions to be encountered in service, the total performance of this bow is expected to perform better than a bulb, which would be optimized for one single draft and flat water only. Delivery of Arklow Breeze will be in April 2015.



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