Comfort At Sea: Side-Power Fin Stabilizers



A new type of fin stabilizer promises to provide a stable platform on which to work and play. Side-Power’s fin stabilizers, which can be retrofitted on many different boats, reduces rolling motion under way (by up to 95 percent, according to the manufacturer). The compact system, which operates on a dual hydraulic cylinder setup, may be installed on boats 70 to 150 feet. Prefitted internal hydraulic connections require no complex adjustments before the first sea trial, according to the manufacturer. The fins are made as a single piece of vacuum-injected Vinyl Ester over a pre-shaped core, for strength and durability. Imtra, which has added these stabilizers to its product line, installed the fin system on the 105-foot Sunseeker Sea Raider in the United States. “The Side-Power Stabilizer System works brilliantly and has exceeded our expectations,” said Captain Trevor Woodman. “Adding these stabilizers has changed the boat’s overall performance and how we use it. We can now go to sea in almost any condition and anchor out without worrying about guests getting seasick or having to endure an uncomfortable motion.” Side-Power Stabilizer Systems range in price from $60,000 to $100,000, and are available through Imtra’s network of dealers throughout North America.

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