Transatlantic Record Breaker

On July 28, Hodgdon’s 100-foot (30.5-meter) racing yacht Comanche and crew passed Lizard Point in the United Kindom after 2,880 nautical miles and 5 days, 14 hours, 21 minutes and 25 seconds besting the previous record set in 2003 by Mari Cha IV by over a day.


On the newest record the team set, teammate Pablo Arrarte said, “I think this is something big. I don’t think anyone will beat it in the near future.”

“This was sort of the Everest of the whole Comanche program, and I am both proud and delighted to be part of it,” said teammate Shannon Falcone.

Team Comanche left New York on Friday, July 22nd at 20:58 GMT after having been on standby for weeks awaiting weather conditions that could allow Comanche to break the transatlantic record. The team had over 30 world class sailors ready at a moment’s notice for when an optimal weather window opened and would spur the launch to beat the record.

“There are only about two weather windows a year where a monohull can make it all the way across the Atlantic in one system, and we found one of them,” said Stan Honey. “Beating this record by more than a day is above my expectations and I am delighted.” Honey identified the unique weather window and, while it wasn’t all smooth sailing, the strong winds, great angles and flat seas en route to Europe delivered for the team.


Comanche‘s owner, Jim Clark, added: “Comanche was built to break ocean records and the guys have once again powered our fantastic fat-bottomed girl to another title. I am so proud of the entire team and everyone involved in the entire program from top to bottom, the best in the world, getting the best out of Comanche. Perfect harmony, and Kristy and I are over the moon.”

Comanche already held four ocean records prior to breaking the illustrious Monohull Transatlantic Record along with taking line honors in all races she has participated in with the exception of one.

“This latest record is testament to Jim and Kristy’s vision,” Ken Read said. “This is the culmination of six years of hard work and a huge team of experts offshore and onshore all working as one. I never had any doubt this crew would deliver the goods—the boat was in perfect condition and the only thing that would scupper the record would be Mother Nature. Luckily she didn’t throw a spanner in the works and this team proved why they are some of the best in the business.”


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