HMY Expands Superyacht Division

Yacht dealership and brokerage firm HMY Yacht Sales has partnered with Ward Setzer of Setzer Yacht Architects, an award-winning yacht design and naval architecture firm, to build a new client-oriented platform within the U.S. superyacht industry.


The strategic alliance leverages the HMY Yacht Sales brand, the HMY offices at superyacht-friendly marinas like Miami Beach Marina, Palm Harbor Marina, Charleston City Marina’s Mega-Dock and HMY’s marketing solutions for yacht brokerage clients with Setzer’s decades of experience in the design and construction of superyachts, where Ward guided both yacht owners and shipyards alike through the multi-stage process from design to delivery.

“HMY Yacht Sales has been very successful for years at selling large motor yachts,” says Steve Moynihan, owner and president of HMY Yacht Sales. “The company achieved great success in 2016 with multiple vessels listed and sold in the 100-foot plus category. The addition of Ward Setzer and the expanded marketing approach by our team will increase our success in listing and selling more 100- to 200-foot superyachts.”

“Setzer Yacht Architects has been blessed with a successful run of 25 years during which hundreds of our designs have gone from sketch to active seagoing enterprises,” said Ward Setzer. “It became obvious that in addition to helping owners of our past designs, that we also had developed a deep understanding of all the processes involved in unique yacht ownership and that it was time to put this knowledge and energy to good use. There were a great many respected superyacht brokerage firms that wanted to collaborate with us, however, it was HMY Superyachts and Steve Moynihan who understood what I was trying to accomplish and saw the values that each of our respected brands could bring to the industry. Together we are creating a platform that will grow and support superyacht owners providing value through real knowledge gained from sketch to sea.”


In addition to exciting new superyacht offerings over 100 feet (30 meters), the HMY Superyacht Division is introducing several exclusive “new construction” opportunities including the Vestal Line of motoryachts by Admiral Marine at 44 and 50 meters, the Trident Series by Outer Reef at 30 and 32 meters and a Trinity Yachts 51-meter project. HMY Superyachts and Setzer will share a display on Collins Avenue at Yachts Miami Beach Show in February.

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